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Virtual ISP (VISP)

The Virtual ISP (VISP) wholesale product has been developed to provide business-grade internet network access with a number of options that offer the speed and network reliability to support Australian businesses.^

The business nbn® Satellite Service enables access to cloud-based business applications, eCommerce, voice§, disaster recovery and ‘crew welfare’, which could include employee entertainment and communication services such as Skype and Netflix.

Satellite broadband internet access

A choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical wholesale speeds^ without monthly data limits often associated with wholesale satellite internet access.+


Optional product features that allow for customisation to suit the needs of different businesses.

High reliability 

A reliable network architecture that is designed to deliver readily available solutions.^

Key features are:

The wholesale VISP product provides a choice of six speed tiers for service providers to offer end customers:

  • 30/1Mbps^
  • 30/5Mbps^
  • 30/13Mbps^
  • 13/13Mbps^
  • 50/5Mbps^
  • 100/10Mbps^

Standard monthly data quotas offer up to 1,000GB/month with no speed limiting if a data quota is exceeded. If standard quotas are exceeded, additional data quotas will be added and chargeable in 100GB increments.

Mobility VISP helps enable service providers to deliver a range of wholesale business-grade mobility-based solutions for their customers.Δ Mobility VISP can be used in a number of different use cases where transportable satellite services are required and help businesses to maintain connectivity in remote locations as they move around large sites.^

The VISP 30/13, 30/5 and 30/1 Mbps^ wholesale service can be deployed in ‘stand-by’ mode – with bandwidth available on demand without the need to contact your service provider. This enables providers to offer a disaster recovery solution through the business nbn Satellite Service for businesses within the satellite footprint.

To learn more about the VISP disaster recovery service, view the fact sheet below.

Fact sheet: Virtual ISP – Disaster Recovery

Virtual ISP - Disaster Recover (VISP-DR) is for customers requiring network connectivity during major terrestrial network outages.
Download (PDF - 430 KB)

VISP allows service providers to pool the data quotas of businesses with multiple premises – effectively enabling end customers to better manage their data usage and reduce costs.

The wholesale VISP product can be configured to prioritise a single Voice over IP (VoIP) service across the network. The nbn Satellite network, through a service provider, will dynamically allocate a dedicated VoIP channel over the air based on the signalling message (SIP) or identified codec (RTP).

nbn deploys VISP services with dual nbn-provided internet links at each POI to improve network availability.

Learn more about the network behind the business nbn Satellite Service.

Fact sheet: Virtual ISP (VISP)

Download (PDF - 250 KB)

The business nbn Satellite Service provides voice support for VoIP carriage and is not a voice provider.

nbn provides wholesale services to service providers. nbn wholesale speed tiers available to providers vary depending on the business nbn Satellite Service product(s) offered in an end customer’s area. Your experience using the business nbn Satellite Service, including speeds and other performance characteristics, depend on a range of factors, such as the latency limitations inherent in satellite communications, the particular product and product features that have been selected by the service provider, the configuration of the products and product features being delivered, the time of usage in relation to certain internet-based access products, and other factors outside of nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, chosen broadband plan, signal reception, or how their service provider designs its network).

+Whilst there there is specific limit on data usage for a VISP service, the service providers are governed by a fair use policy.

ΔPlans over the business nbn Satellite Service may not be offered by all providers.