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When you invest in business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet, you’re getting our superior business-grade product. 

nbn offers a range of premium service levels and support options to service providers, who in turn should be able to provide a superior level of support, and faster rectification target times to you, the end customer.

Australian-based operations centre

An Australian-based operations centre provides all connection and assurance support to providers for business nbn Enterprise Ethernet.

Fibre design and build

A connection experience designed for the specific needs of business customers. Our goal for Enterprise Ethernet customers connecting to the network is to get it ‘right first time’.

Premium service levels

Every minute offline impacts your bottom line. Premium service levels are included with each Enterprise Ethernet solution - offering quick fault rectification targets with our fastest restoration targets of 4 hours available to providers.

The business nbn Service Centre is Australian-based and employs dedicated specialists with an understanding of the needs of Australian businesses. The sole focus of the service centre is to support service providers connecting and supporting business nbn products on the nbn network.

The centre is available when service providers need it; dedicated nbn service delivery managers are available to service providers during business hours for fibre build and service connection support and 24/7 assistance for resolution of Enterprise Ethernet service incidents.

Enterprise Ethernet is an ‘on-request’ product, that means that nbn will build a new fibre connection to the premises when a service provider places an order for eligible premises+nbn works with the service provider to establish a committed delivery date for the project so that customers can have confidence in the network, and a clear idea of when it will be ready for use. 

The fibre design and build is done by specialised teams who are experienced in delivering fibre infrastructure into complex business premises like shopping centres, business parks and high-rise buildings. 

The process we follow, and the key interactions with the end customer are summarised in the diagram below:

The fibre connection for Enterprise Ethernet is a separate access network to the default access technology that connects your premises to the nbn network (e.g. FTTN, HFC). Installing and activating an Enterprise Ethernet service does not require the cancellation of the default service. Both services over the nbn network can operate concurrently at the same premises without issue.

Unlike our home nbn products, 24/7 support is built in as standard for all Enterprise Ethernet services. All services are proactively monitored by nbn who will inform service providers of any red flags that suggest there are issues with the service.

When the service provider raises a ticket, a case manager is assigned in the business nbn Service Centre who manages the incident to the contracted services levels.

Each service comes with a standard 12 hour restore target, though that time is extended if a site visit is required and the premises is located outside of a metropolitan area. Service providers have the option to increase the level of service with 4, 6 and 8 hour restoration targets also available (those targets are also extended for premises where a site visit is required outside of a metropolitan area).

Premium assurance tiers Restore targets (hours)
No plant work is required Plant work and/or site visit is required
All areas Metropolitan Regional centre, major or minor area Remote area
Premium 4 (24/7) 4 4 18 32
Premium 6 (24/7) 6 6 20 34
Premium 8 (24/7) 8 8 22 36
Premium 12 (24/7) - Default 12 12 26 40

All times refer to the target times offered by nbn to providers. The target times offered to you by your provider may differ from those listed above. Not all faults with your service relate to a fault within the nbn network – faults may be related to matters within your provider’s network, your premises’ equipment or network resources being accessed. These target times only relate to faults that occur on the nbn network.

Please note that all target times assume an urban area. Rectification time may vary depending on the location of premises. All times refer to the times offered by nbn to service providers and may differ from the times offered by providers to end customers. Not all your faults with a retail service will relate to a fault with the nbn™ network. Faults may relate to matters in a provider’s network, the end customer’s premises equipment or network resources being accessed.

business nbn Enterprise Ethernet is only available in the nbn Fixed Line network footprint and at limited premises served by the nbn Fixed Wireless and Satellite networks. Costs may apply; customers should contact their preferred service provider to ask about availability and any fees and charges that may be applicable.