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Our values underpin the way in which we act and behave. They describe what is important to us, and guide us on how we think and interact with our customers, each other, and our communities.

We Care

Uphold the safety and wellbeing of each other and ourselves.

Lead with purpose, do the best for our communities.

Be curious, there’s always something to learn so together we can grow.

We are Fearless

Listen, really listen, invite feedback and ask ‘why’ to genuinely understand.

Speak up, knowing it’s safe and expected to call things out, share bold ideas.

Trust and empower each other to make decisions and get things done.

We are One Team

Respect each other, we create an inclusive environment.

Put team above yourself, recognise one another’s contribution to create an even greater outcome.

Better together share ideas and resources across nbn, partner effectively with industry.

We Deliver

Start by asking, ‘would this make a positive difference for our customers?’

Set high expectations, accept accountability and honour our commitments.

Strive and adapt, being innovative and always finding solutions to achieve excellence.