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Future-proof your skills by becoming an nbn® trained New Developments supplier – designer or installer.

Stand out as an nbn trained supplier

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Fast-track reviews and approvals

Faster certification (Practical Completion Certificate – PCC) of installations and sample review of designs by nbn trained suppliers.

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Avoid fees for design reviews and inspections

No fees for design reviews and pit and pipe inspections for developers when using an nbn trained supplier.

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Get noticed as an nbn trained supplier

Trained professionals and current business will appear on the nbn trained supplier list.

Become an nbn trained supplier

The nbn® New Developments training program will help ensure new development designs and installations are built right first time and to the correct standards, fast-tracking the certification process and getting works underway sooner.

The program trains suppliers on the design and installation standards required with the nbn® Multi Technology Mix (MTM). There are two training bundles available:

Bundle 1 - Design

  • Pit and pipe design module
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) pathway design module

Bundle 2 - Installation

  • Pit and pipe installation module
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) pathway installation module (launching mid-2022)


Each training bundle costs $250 (GST inclusive) and features:

  • A 3-year licence, after which each nbn trained supplier will need to renew their registration.
  • Completion of each of the online assessments, allowing for two attempts per module.
  • Completion of the installation practical assessment, allowing for one attempt per module.

The completion of both the online knowledge assessment and the in-person practical assessment is required to successfully attain the installation module.

For any questions or to enquire whether the nbn New Developments training program is right for you contact

How to complete the training

step one

Apply and pay

To ensure that you and your business are eligible to take full advantage of the program’s benefits, you will need to apply and finalise your registration by making your payment in full. A fee of $250 (GST inclusive) per training bundle applies.

step two

Download and read the guidelines for your module

Prepare yourself for the learning section and assessment requirements of each module. Download the guides which include all information needed to complete the training program. ADT tools are required for the design modules. You will need to accept the terms and conditions before download the ADT tools.

Pit and pipe design

Pit and pipe design guidelines

v9.0 - Key ADT information, nbn CAD standards and database compatibility requirements to be followed when creating pit and pipe designs.
Download (PDF - 2 MB)

Pit and pipe install

Deployment of nbn pit and conduit network

v12 - These standards outline the requirements and technical details that developers must follow to install pit and pipe works.
Download (PDF - 1 MB)

MDU pathway design

MDU pathway design standards

NBN-TE-CTO-284. This guide outlines the requirements for pathways and spaces in Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs).*

Download (PDF - 2 MB)

step three

Complete the learning section and assessment

Each program module has a learning section that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, followed by a knowledge assessment at the end. The assessment is open-book comprising of approximately 50-60 questions, but is not timed – we recommend to allow yourself at least 1.5 hours to complete.

For the pit and pipe installation module, once you have passed the online training assessment, you will be required to sit an installation practical assessment in person; a nbn representative will be in contact to arrange a suitable assessment time.

How to register

Registration for the training program must be done through the enAble™ portal. Download and follow the registration guide (for new or existing enAble™ participants).

New Developments training program registration guide

Download (PDF - 852 KB)


We encourage all professionals who work on nbn New Developments to consider completing the training – this includes both SDU and MDU (Single-Dwelling and Multi-Dwelling Units):

  • Pit and Pipe designers or developers that are competent with AutoCAD and the nbn guidelines.
  • Pit and Pipe installers that are competent installing in accordance with nbn standards.
  • MDU pathway designers that are competent with AutoCAD and the nbn guidelines.

Upon successfully completing any of the New Developments training program you will become an nbn trained supplier in that field (Pit and Pipe designer, Pit and Pipe installer or MDU pathway designer), with the accompanying ‘nbn trained’ logo that you can use to promote your skills. You will also feature on the nbn trained supplier list and you can start benefiting from fast-tracked reviews and approvals – set to launch in August 2019.

An 80% mark is required to pass the training assessments. You may re-sit the knowledge assessments up to four times. If you fail the training assessment after this, you will have to re-apply for the program – and pay the training fee again. Please note that the training fee is not refundable. The RTO will contact you directly to reschedule another assessment.

A fee of $250 (GST inclusive) per training bundle applies.

Once you have registered for the New Developments training, an invoice will be sent to the registered email address. If you have any enquiries or for more information, please send an email to:

Please note: Your registration is not complete until payment is made in full. You will not be eligible to be part of the nbn trained supplier list or have access to promotional material until registration is fully completed.

Yes. You can pick up your training or assessment where you left off – please be aware that the system will timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity.

No. The New Developments training is nbn specific. Our training of individuals does not extend to training of the design or product itself, or to the company of which the individual is employed. It also does not reflect if an individual has the necessary industry qualifications.

*This document replaces the 'Building Design Guide - New Developments' document referred in paragraph (b) of the definition of ‘nbn Specifications’ in nbn’s Master Developer Agreement (MDA) as and from 19 SEP 23. This document should be used for the purposes of nbn’s Specifications in the MDA.