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Business-grade service

The Australian based business nbn™ Satellite Operations Centre (BSOC) comprises satellite specialists who manage all business satellite connections, service requests and service incidents - all to defined business grade service levels or operational targets.

Australian based satellite operations centre

A specialised, Australian based operations centre that provides connection and assurance support.

Wide coverage area

nbn backs service providers with installation and activation services to support the connection to the network with business-grade services.

Premium service included as standard

Service providers have business-grade service levels built in to every order with options to upgrade for customers with higher support requirements.

The operations centre is a one-stop shop for service providers when ordering, installing, activating and assuring business nbn™ Satellite Services. 

Requests to the BSOC are managed to pre-defined service levels or operational targets that have been previously determined to meet the needs of business customers.

Key features are: 

When nbn receives a request from a service provider to install and activate a service, nbn will aim to activate the service in line with the following service levels:

Location of premises Standard connection service level from the time of order acknowledgement
Urban area 17 business days
Major/Minor rural area 17 business days
Remote area 17 business days
Isolated area 22 business days
Limited access area As quoted
business nbn™ Satellite Service wholesale products offer three levels of service to providers to support operational assurrance service where no site visit is required, with the Bronze tier included as the minimum standard for all business satellite services. Service providers can upgrade an end customer service to Silver or Gold as required.

Activation and rectification times may vary depending on the location of premises. All times refer to the times offered by nbn to service providers at a wholesale level, and these may differ from the times offered by service providers to end customers at a retail level. Not all faults with a retail service will relate to a fault with the nbn™ network. Faults may relate to issues with a service provider’s network, the end customer’s premises, equipment or network resources.