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Case study: Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Willis Island station 


Connecting and supporting remote locations across Australia wouldn’t be possible without the help of the business nbn® Satellite Service.

With numerous weather stations located across Australia, many in remote sites, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has, in the past, faced ongoing challenges that go with being located in the country’s extremities. The BoM realises achievements such as genuine network consistency and the best practice employee support in the field. On top of these achievements, they’ve also enjoyed a reduction in intermittent connectivity issues and a successful migration from low to high bandwidth.

Most importantly, the business nbn™ Satellite Service has helped the BoM to not only  service Australians with accurate and efficient weather reports, but also support the connectivity and provision of technical data to weather stations in remote areas.

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“With business nbn™ Satellite Service there is now a viable satellite option which will be able to connect Willis Island and enable us to start utilising more business applications and support our employees on the ground.”


Wesam Al-sudani

Network Operations Manager, Australian Bureau of Meteorology.