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Enabling access to connectivity solutions for businesses requiring the freedom to roam across Australia.

Our Mobility solutions over the business nbn® Satellite Service can be deployed where portable connectivity is required, including in regional and remote locations. These transportable satellite solutions are designed to allow businesses to maintain connectivity across Australia.

There are two types of connectivity options available - Mobility VISP; offering general internet connectivity, or Mobility Private Network Layer 3; offering private and secure connectivity via service provider networks. Mobility is also available as a Disaster Recovery (DR) service that can be used when regular broadband services are unavailable. Your needs, your choice.

Satellite broadband internet access

Mobility - providing an end-to-end connectivity solution, which can include Peak Information Rate data speeds of up to 30/5Mbps^, as well as standard usage-based data quotas with automated usage tops-ups as required.


Optional product features that allow for customisation to suit the needs of different businesses, including a choice of two terminals.

High network reliability

A reliable network architecture that is designed to deliver readily available solutions.^

Key features are: 

The wholesale Mobility product is designed to be easily moved to any location that is under the satellite footprint of the business nbn Satellite Service network.

The wholesale Mobility product can be configured to prioritise a single Voice over IP (VoIP) service across the network.§ The nbn Satellite network, through a provider, will dynamically allocate a dedicated VoIP channel over the air based on the type of voice signal being transmitted. 

  • 'Flyaway’: stationary auto-pointing satellite antenna solutions housed in transit-cases which are suitable for transport to site by road, rail or air and set up where needed, with a typical set-up time of around 15 minutes.
  • ‘Driveaway’: stationary auto-pointing satellite antenna solutions mounted to a vehicle and can be driven to where service is required and achieve network connectivity within around 10 minutes.

nbn deploys Mobility services with dual nbn-provided internet links at each POI to improve network availability.

Learn more about the nbn Satellite access network

Fact sheet: Mobility - VISP and Private Network Layer 3

Mobility - VISP and Private Network Layer 3 are specifically designed for any on-site businesses that require access to high-speed broadband across Australia.
Download (PDF - 169 KB)

Fact sheet: Mobility - Disaster Recovery

Mobility - Disaster Recovery (DR) is specifically designed for businesses that require direct and deployable network connectivity on demand during a major network outage when their regular broadband service is down.
Download (PDF - 148 KB)

nbn provides wholesale services to service providers. nbn wholesale speed tiers available to providers vary depending on the business nbn Satellite Service product(s) offered in an end customer’s area. Your experience using the business nbn Satellite Service, including speeds and other performance characteristics, depend on a range of factors, such as the latency limitations inherent in satellite communications, the particular product and product features that have been selected by the service provider, the configuration of the products and product features being delivered, the time of usage in relation to certain internet-based access products, and other factors outside of nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, chosen broadband plan, signal reception, or how their service provider designs its network).

The business nbn Satellite Service provides voice support for VoIP carriage and is not a voice provider.