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business nbn® Satellite Service

Introducing the business nbn Satellite Service

Providing a suite of innovative product solutions, the business nbn Satellite Service enables service providers to offer Australian businesses the ability to experience business-grade network services.#

Additionally, this service facilitates access to high-speed broadband designed to suit business’ needs^, and also provides disaster recovery capabilities to businesses, including those in major cities and metro areas.

Access Bandwidth Service Layer 3 (ABSL3)

Built to support enterprise and government customers who require high quality bandwidth to access business critical applications.^

ABSL3 is designed for customers with high capacity and committed bandwidth requirements along with wholesale product features that allow integration into business-critical corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) environments.^

Virtual ISP (VISP)

Internet access with speed options to support businesses in Australia.^

Virtual ISP (VISP) is designed for business customers who require internet access outside of their core business systems. This may include large mining operations running ‘crew welfare’ applications, or regional businesses with critical cloud-based business applications (e.g. Office 365).

Internet of Things (IoT)

Enables connectivity solutions for businesses with data collection devices in remote locations. 

nbn’s IoT product can be used for utilities needing real-time access to data to monitor remote infrastructure such as gas pipelines.  Other use cases include backhaul to provide connectivity to distributed IoT devices that collect data from multiple sources.^  


Offering businesses access to the connectivity solutions that provide the freedom to roam across Australia.

Mobility helps enable providers to deliver a range of wholesale business-grade mobility-based solutions for their customers#. For companies with operations that are on the move, and that need to maintain connectivity, Mobility can be used where transportable and unfixed satellite services are required, including in remote locations.

Network and support

These wholesale products are underpinned by nbn’s significant investment in the satellite network and service management capability dedicated to meeting the needs of Australian businesses.

The business nbn Satellite Service leverages one of nbn’s two high-throughput satellite plus resilient ground infrastructure to bring a new level of wholesale broadband capacity to the business market – all based on a highly reliable network architecture.

The Australian-based business nbn Satellite Operations Centre (BSOC) comprises satellite specialists who manage all business satellite connections, service requests and service incidents - all to defined business-grade service levels or operational targets.

business nbn Satellite Service providers

Talk to a service provider about the satellite solutions available to you.

nbn provides wholesale services to service providers. nbn wholesale speed tiers available to providers vary depending on the business nbn Satellite Service product(s) offered in an end customer’s area. Your experience using the business nbn Satellite Service, including speeds and other performance characteristics, depend on a range of factors, such as the latency limitations inherent in satellite communications, the particular product and product features that have been selected by the service provider, the configuration of the products and product features being delivered, the time of usage in relation to certain internet-based access products, and other factors outside of nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, chosen broadband plan, signal reception, or how their service provider designs its network).

Plans over the business nbn Satellite Service may not be offered by all providers.