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Training requirements for carrying out work on the nbn® network depend on a number of factors including what kind of work you are undertaking and legislative and third party requirements. Workers with no recent telecommunications experience may be required to undertake formal training. More experienced workers may be able to have their skills directly assessed. An nbn® approved Delivery Partner can give you guidance about what the training requirements would be for your situation.

Mandatory nbn online training

Anyone engaged in nbn network activities are required to complete mandatory online training. The mandatory online training is separate, and additional, to any other nbn specific training programs. 

This training covers:

  • An overview of the organisation and how to represent the nbn brand.
  • An overview of health, safety and environment requirements specific to working on the nbn network.
  • An overview of the soft skills, knowledge and resources that assist in positively impact customers.

nbn approved Delivery Partners nominate workers to attend training based on skills gaps that may occur across their workforce. Alternatively, workers can also choose to complete technical skills training before they’re employed for nbn network activities. This can be done at TAFE or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).