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There are some cases where you may be required to organise digging a trench to prepare for a connection to the nbn network.

This can be due to specific reasons relating to your property, such as requiring a new telecommunications line or relocating nbn supplied equipment. If you are unsure whether a trench is required for your premises, please contact your phone or internet provider.

Things to consider:

  • For premises with a new address, there may be a different set of nbn network standards and guidelines to follow. Learn more about new property developments.
  • If you've also been advised by your preferred phone or internet provider to install permanent cabling, you'll need to contact a registered cabler to complete the connection to the nbn network. Learn more about cabling.
  • If you're renting, then you'll need to contact your landlord and advise them of what is required in relation to the nbn Lead-in Trenching Requirements guide.
  • If you are living in a Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU), then the strata manager may need to be consulted.

Responsibilities for trenching

If your provider has advised that digging a trench is required to connect to the nbn network, it's the premises owner's responsibility to organise a qualified person to dig a trench according to the specifications in the nbn Lead-in Trenching Requirements guide.

Important note

You must not dig the trench outside the boundary of your premises, e.g. in a public footway, roadway or in neighbouring premises. Trenching outside your premises is subject to land access code requirements and is nbn's responsibility. Careless excavation work may result in personal injury or costly damage to underground conduits, pipes and cables. The trench required by you should be dug by an experienced person who's familiar with underground service arrangements and who's suitably accredited or licensed where required by the relevant authority. Refer to the nbn Lead-in Trenching Requirements guide for more information.

nbn Lead-in Trenching Requirements guide

Download (PDF - 1 MB)

Authority to alter

Registered cablers may need to alter nbn Facilities when connecting your property to the nbn network or when relocating your existing connection. Registered cablers are authorised to make limited alterations as long as the work is carried out to nbn's requirements.

Refer to the nbn Authority to Alter Facilities guide for more information.

nbn Authority to Alter Facilities guide

Download (PDF - 3 MB)