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nbn® Fibre to the Premises explained (FTTP)

nbn FTTP made easy

All types of nbn network connections that utilise a physical line running to the premises are considered Fixed Line connections. An nbn Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection is used in circumstances where a fibre optic line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, directly to your premises. 

FTTP connections require installation of an nbn utility box outside of your premises and an nbn connection box inside your premises. Your phone and internet provider will advise what needs to be installed and arrange an installation appointment for you if applicable.

Prepare for your nbn FTTP installation appointment

Your preferred provider may advise that you need an installation for FTTP with an nbn approved technician even if you are upgrading from another nbn connection. Download our guide to prepare for your installation appointment and make the most of your nbn Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection. 

Download our guide

nbn FTTP installation guide

Download (PDF - 1 MB)

Supporting information

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Power outage information

Talk to your provider about whether your device will work during a blackout when connected to the nbn network.

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Device compatibility

The rollout of the nbn network will involve new technologies which some existing devices may not be compatible with.

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On the day, the nbn approved technician will install nbn fibre cabling, an nbn utility box and an nbn connection box at an agreed location. See the nbn FTTP supplied equipment set-up below: 

nbn Connection Box_Diagram

  • Outside the premises: nbn utility box. The maximum size of the box is 250mm (w) x 260mm (h) x  80mm (d). 
  • Inside the premises: the nbn connection box. The box size is 235mm (w) x 195mm (h) x 70mm (d).

Clearance around the equipment needs to be considered dependent on installation locations. 

  • nbn fibre cabling will be installed from the street to the external nbn utility box. This can utilise existing cable pathways or include activities like mounting cable pathways on the surface of walls or using hand tools to shallow bury cable.  
  • The nbn utility box will be installed close to your existing telecommunications utility box, usually at the front of the premises, no lower than 400mm to the ground and clear from other utilities. 
  • The nbn approved technician will also install fibre between the nbn utility box and the nbn connection box. 

To learn more about nbn connection box installation guidelines, download our guide below. 

Your nbn approved technician will discuss options with you on the location of the nbn connection box, however they will need to install the connection box based on the list of specifications below, so it is important that you have a few options in mind. 

10 guidelines we use when finding a suitable location for the nbn connection box. 

  1. Within 3 metres of an existing power point outlet inside your premises.  
  2. Within 12 metres of the nbn utility box – this is installed on the external wall in a front area of your premises.  
  3. In the same building as the externally mounted nbn utility box and main electric meter box or distribution board (not in a separate detached garage or outhouse).  
  4. Must be placed on the inside surface of the external wall that the nbn utility box is installed.  
  5. Easily accessible due to health and safety considerations - no access into low roof spaces or low underfloor spaces.  
  6. A safe position where it will not be easily damaged.   
  7. A cool, dry, ventilated area. Not in a wet area such as the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or under a window that opens.  
  8. Away from existing utilities such as gas lines, external water systems and away from direct sunlight. 
  9. Where feasible, in a location where it is easy for you to see and check the indicator lights.  
  10.  On the ground floor in a multi-story building.  

nbn will propose to locate the nbn connection box consistent with these guidelines where it is feasible to do so. 

It’s important to know that it may not be feasible to install your new nbn connection box in the same location as your existing connection point. 

If you have a specific location in mind for your new nbn connection box which is not the location that the nbn approved technician has proposed, you may need to consider options listed in the below downloadable optimisation fact sheet, such as: 

  • Using a mesh network
  • Engaging a registered cabler to provide ethernet cabling to your preferred Wi-Fi modem/gateway location

You may also engage a registered cabler (at your own cost) to provide a fibre cable pathway (in line with nbn standards) to nbn equipment, e.g. from the street entry point to the nbn utility box and/or from the nbn utility box to the nbn connection box, before we finalise your FTTP installation. 

Please contact your phone and internet provider if you are concerned about the installation options that the nbn technician has proposed. nbn will consider exceptions to our guidelines in limited circumstances, but this will delay the completion of your installation.

You will need to schedule your preferred installation appointment with your phone or internet provider, as they will manage this process for you. 

An authorised person over the age of 18 must be present for the entire installation appointment. After the discussion with the nbn approved technician on the agreed installation options, they will need to provide signed consent for both where the nbn utility box (outside) and nbn connection box (inside) are being installed, and how the fibre cabling will be run into the premises.  

If you’re renting, remember to get your landlord’s permission to conduct the FTTP installation before your appointment date is confirmed. The nbn approved technician will need to do work that will need their approval – such as drilling into the property walls to install nbn equipment. 

Not yet. The outside equipment (nbn utility box) is just one part of the installation. To connect your home or business to the nbn network, you will need to order an nbn powered plan through your preferred phone or internet provider. Your provider will then organise the installation of your nbn equipment (nbn connection box) that will connect your premises to the nbn utility box outside. 

You can find out when services are planned to be connected at your address via the nbn rollout map.

Guidelines on the removal or relocation of nbn supplied equipment can vary depending on the situation. If you’re planning on removing or relocating your equipment due to renovation, demolition or a move of premises, before you do, please visit our relocation/removal page for more information.

It’s a live network, so there may be power or service interruptions which can typically last around 30-60 minutes. The nbn approved technician will let you know if they need to temporarily isolate power for health and safety reasons, depending on the work they need to do. To prepare for a potential service outage, we recommend keeping an alternative form of communication on hand, like a charged mobile phone, throughout the appointment.

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