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Part 2 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) requires Australian Government agencies, Ministers and certain Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) to establish an Information Publication Scheme (IPS). The IPS provisions in the FOI Act outline NBN Co's obligations to provide the Australian community with access to information regarding our company's operations, activities and other matters. In addition to publishing a broad range of information on our website, nbn has published our IPS Plan, which explains how our company intends to implement and administer its Publication Scheme. In addition, section 8(4) of the FOI Act outlines Government entities' obligations to identify and publish information for proactive release. In that regard, nbn has undertaken a review of its information assets and identified a series of documents, below, that the company has proactively released.

Making a request for proactively released documents

You will find below direct links to relevant documents. If a web link is not available, you can write to nbn at, requesting a copy of the document. Our company will forward you an electronic copy of the relevant document. If you require a hard copy document, nominal fees may apply. Requests should be sent to the above email address. You can also send requests in the post to the following:

FOI Requests @ nbn
Level 13, 100 Mount Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
Telephone: +61 2 9926 1900

Proactively released documents


Corporate governance documents

Please note that we are in the process of updating and archiving some of the documents, below.

nbn Annual Reports

nbn Board Charter

nbn Corporate Plan

nbn Code of Conduct

nbn Health and Safety Objectives

nbn Values

nbn Policies


Documents about the nbn® network

Access Seeker Interoperability Certification Test Program

B2B Gateway Architecture Technical Specification

B2B Product Definition Technical Specification

B2B Interaction Business Processes Technical Specification

Becoming a Customer: NBN Co's Onboarding and Accreditation Program

Best Practice Guide for Councils When Initially Dealing with NBN Co

Beta NFAS Product Description

Beta NFAS Product Description for New Developments

Consultation Paper: Proposed Wholesale Fibre Bitstream Products

Customer Collaboration Forum

Facilities Access: An overview of the NBN Co Facilities Access Service

Federal Government Policy Statement (Fibre in New Developments) – 9/12/2010

Federal Government Policy Statement (Fibre in New Developments) (revised) – 22/6/11

Fibre Access Service Product Technical Specification (December 2010)

Fibre Access Service Product Technical Specification (July 2011)

Glossary of Terms

Information Paper: Access Seeker Accreditation (Fibre Network)

In-Home Wiring Guide for SDUs and MDUs

MDU Building Design Guide

Multicast: Feature, Technology and Pricing Overview for Multicast Over Fibre

NBN Co Operations- Working with Our Customers

nbn™ Fibre User Guide

Network Operations and the Operations Manual Introduction

New Developments: Deployment of the nbn™ Conduit and Pit Network – Guidelines

nbn New Developments trained supplier list

Product Definition Specification

Retail Providers – Business

Retail Providers – Residential

Service Activation

Skills and Training Workforce Development Strategy

Supply Agreements

Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA)


Relevant documents from other organisations

Please note: nbn has not itself released the following documents, but recognises the relevance of these documents to our operations.

Australian Government's Response to the NBN Co Implementation Study

Governance Arrangements for GBEs (June 1997)

ACCC Review of NBN Co's Plans to Establish Points of Interconnect

ACCC's Issue Paper Relating to the Preparation of Explanatory Material and Non-Discrimination Provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010