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Voice services

The nbn® network supports phone services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Our Traffic Class 1 (TC1) product is best designed to deliver this service.

What voice options are available?

The table below shows the voice options available on the nbn® network.

Access technology Voice options available Ideal traffic class





VoIP via the provider-supplied gateway (router). TC1
FTTP VoIP via the dedicated port (UNI-V port) on the supplied nbn® connection box (also known as a Network Termination Device or NTD) or provider-supplied modem/router. TC1

Fixed Wireless

Sky Muster® satellite

VoIP via the provider-supplied gateway (router).* TC1**

Why use TC1 for voice?

Our TC1 product gives providers the flexibility to design, deliver and price their products.

Prioritised for voice

The highest priority is given to voice data tagged as TC1 – via the voice port on a preferred device.


The flexibility to offer VoIP via a provider-supplied device using our TC1 product – build voice product sets that suit customer needs.

Cost-effective for providers

Choose how much TC1 to purchase depending on customer needs – allowing for cost-effective voice solutions, either stand-alone or bundled.


Build and tailor the right solution for each target market – residential or enterprise-level.*

* The copper network within nbn® Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster Satellite areas will not be switched off. Premises within these areas will have the choice to keep their existing landline phone service over the copper network active, or switch over to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service on the nbn network via a phone and internet provider. nbn’s TC1 product is only available over the nbn network and is not applicable to the existing copper network/existing landline phone services.

** 150kbps and 300kbps are the only available speed tiers for Traffic Class 1 (TC1) on Fixed Wireless. 150kbps is the only available speed tier for TC1 on Sky Muster™ satellite.