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business nbn Enterprise Ethernet

A layer 2 wholesale broadband product that is designed to provide access to the speed, quality and service needs of enterprise end customers

Enterprise Ethernet is a product designed for providers serving end users who need high levels of speed, performance and reliability when moving their vital data.

Providers will have access to the following Enterprise Ethernet features:


Enterprise Ethernet is our highest wholesale speed product. It is designed to provide the symmetrical wholesale speeds required by enterprise end customers and the flexibility to help optimise application performance with Classes of Service (CoS) functionality.

Network Reliability

Enterprise Ethernet is supplied using a fibre access network, including dedicated point-to-point fibre between the premises and the fibre access node. It is available on request wherever nbn has declared the nbn® Fixed Line footprint to be ready for service, and has been designed with high network performance characteristics.

Enterprise Grade Service

All Enterprise Ethernet services are managed by a dedicated team that understands Australian businesses, providing business connection and assurance support.

Intra-state aggregation

A network traffic aggregation option that can reduce the upfront costs for service providers wanting to offer Enterprise Ethernet to their customers.

Enterprise Ethernet supports the existing model of service providers connecting to all of the 121 nbn® POIs, while also introducing an aggregation option to minimise their upfront costs.

A service provider can elect to have nbn aggregate their customer traffic from a local POI to one of five capital city POIs – saving them an investment in network infrastructure or separate backhaul and interconnection to that local POI.

State* State POI Location
VIC Port Melbourne
NSW Eastern Creek
QLD Aspley
SA Greenfields
WA Wangara

Network diagram with nbn local POI connectivity

Network diagram with intra-state aggregation to nbn capital city POI


Service provider network

nbn® network

Optional intrastate aggregation

Intra-state aggregation is not available in the Northern Territory, which has a single POI.