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nbn Network Extensions for approved non-premises locations

Extending nbn® broadband access network connectivity to approved non-premises locations

We’re providing end users and retail service providers the option to request extensions of the nbn network to an Approved Non-Premises Location.

Once an extension is built and the Approved Non-Premises Location becomes serviceable, retail service providers will be able to order and receive an nbn® Ethernet service at that location (subject to the limitations set out in the Approved Non-Premises List).

Traffic and Transport Infrastructure

Traffic Light + Traffic Control Unit (TCU)

Traffic Cameras (Traffic Monitoring)

Traffic Light + CCTV

Traffic Signalling (Lane Markers)

Roadside Emergency Comm's

Traffic Cameras (Speed or Red-light Camera)

Variable Speed Sign with CCTV

Variable Speed Sign with Speed Indicator

Tram Stop Electronic Signage (Time Table)

Train Stop Electronic Signage (Time Table)

Train Line Boom Gates

Bus Stop Electronic Signage (Time Table)

Road Swing Bridges Control

Road Bridge Controls (Guidance Lights)

Railway Station Infrastructure Communications (Public)

CCTV (E.g. Safety Surveillance)

Street Light Controllers

Standalone ATM terminals
Standalone ATMs

Environmental Infrastructure

Weather monitoring (Weather Stations)

Air Quality (Monitoring)

Fire Risk Area Monitoring (E.g. Bushfire)

Fire Risk Area Monitoring + CCTV (E.g. Bushfire)

Applying for an nbn® Network Extension

Our application process determines if a non-premises location and its use case qualifies to connect to the nbn network and lets you know of the nbn® Ethernet service you can order once the nbn Network Extension is in place. We will usually require up to 10 business days to assess the feasibility of each application and supply a design and construction quotation – each quotation we supply is tailored to the unique needs of each approved non-premises location.

The following information is required to apply:

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An accurate latitude and longitude of the non-premises location. Use the map feature provided within the form to pin-point a proposed development location.

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Any additional information you know about the non-premises location, e.g. the network boundary may be in a street cabinet.

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The type of application your proposed use supports – such as road traffic signals, ATM, etc.

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A tentative date of when the work is required to be completed.

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Contact details, alternate contact details, a contract signatory and billing contact.

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If applicable, the preferred method of payment to assist when an nbn representative makes contact.

Please note: Each successful nbn Network Extension application for a new or subsequent line will incur an application fee of $500 (exc. GST). This fee covers the preparation of the quotation for the proposed construction work. It will be not be charged where nbn assesses that an application is ineligible for an nbn Network Extension. nbn will provide successful applicants with an invoice for payment of this application fee, subject to terms and conditions provided with the invoice. The terms and conditions associated with the construction of the nbn Network Extension do not contain any terms under which nbn Ethernet or other Products may be ordered from, or will be supplied by, nbn. Any such order or supply will occur on the terms of the Wholesale Broadband Agreement between nbn and relevant RSP.

nbn® Network Extension fact sheet

This fact sheet features a detailed comparison of the various construction offerings nbn Network Extension offers business end customers and RSPs, who may be interested in connecting their non-premises applications/devices to the nbn network.
Download (PDF - 903 KB)