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Frequently asked questions

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the upgrades to nbn® Fixed Wireless.

Upgrade program information, eligibility and costs

Upgrade works are underway. Our plan includes three key phases:

We're optimising the Fixed Wireless network, including installing the next generation 4G and 5G equipment. This new technology is designed to deliver more reach (by extending the range of the towers from 14km to up to 29kms where possible) and more speed to regional and remote Australia. nbn will be amongst the first in the world to deploy the 5G technology at this scale for a dedicated Fixed Wireless network.

We’re evolving the network by also working with local governments and councils to install new Fixed Wireless towers in selected areas.

The Satellite locations across Australia that will become eligible to connect to Fixed Wireless as part of the upgrades have been selected based on their proximity to the existing Fixed Wireless towers and the strength of wireless signal that can be expected at the location. Find out what's happening in your area by selecting your state or territory below.

Find out what's happening in your area by selecting your state or territory below.

Please note, not all towers will be able to be upgraded at the same time. This means only eligible locations, within proximity of the upgraded towers will be able to access the enhanced Fixed Wireless network as we complete works in your area.

If you’re currently connected to a Fixed Wireless plan, you’ll generally be able to continue using your service as usual during the upgrade works.

However, you may experience reductions in service and periodic outages as we roll out the upgrades in your area over several weeks. In most cases, the outages may range from 3-4 minutes. However, for others, some periodic outages may occur throughout the day and last for up to 12 hours. While the upgrade works are being completed in your area, you may experience more than one outage. We’ll notify your provider of any outages ahead of time, so they can keep you informed.

Retail pricing is determined by phone and internet providers. Contact your preferred provider for more information on pricing.

Connecting to a new Fixed Wireless service

Information for locations currently in Fixed Wireless areas.

We are progressively upgrading the existing Fixed Wireless network. Our plan includes:


Upgrades to the network are helping deliver faster download speeds. We’ve also boosted speeds to deliver a better connection on our most popular plan – Fixed Wireless Plus. 

Mid 2024

We’re working with providers to introduce two new high-speed plans in eligible upgraded locations.

End 2024

Upgrade works across the country will be complete, with up to 120,000 premises previously on the satellite network able to access nbn Fixed Wireless for the first time.   

We do not currently enforce a Fair Use Policy with users on the nbn Fixed Wireless network.

Today, the Fixed Wireless Upgrade Program is delivering a step change in capacity and is expected to deliver significant performance improvements across the Fixed Wireless network including reduced congestion.

To further help protect the quality of the Fixed Wireless network and improve customer experience by fairly sharing available capacity across all users on the network, we intend to introduce a Fixed Wireless Fair Use Policy enforcement framework from early 2028.

We are also committed to providing phone and internet providers with at least 12 months’ notice prior to enforcement of the nbn Fixed Wireless Fair Use Policy.

Changing from Satellite to a Fixed Wireless service

Information for locations currently in Satellite areas.

You can contact a Fixed Wireless provider of your choice and ask to connect to a plan over Fixed Wireless.

Don’t forget to cancel your original plan

If you already have a plan over a Satellite service, we recommend that you contact the provider of the Satellite service and ask to cancel the plan to avoid being charged twice. Speak to your provider about any cancellation fees that may apply. You may want to leave your Satellite plan active until your new Fixed Wireless service is up and running so you aren’t left without a service.

Demand for data is changing for our Satellite customers and we’re evolving the network to help meet these needs now and into the future. You can access uncapped data usage plan options for all internet activities on nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium. These plans offer a choice of speeds to suit different needs and budgets and are available from a choice of providers. Fair use and shaping to slower speeds apply.

Installation process and device compatibility

If you’re connecting to Fixed Wireless for the first time, we will provide an outdoor antenna and an indoor connection box free-of-charge to your provider and that will be installed during your appointment. You’ll just need to ensure that you have a modem compatible with the nbn network when you connect. Your provider will be able to help with this.

To remove the nbn equipment used for your previous Satellite connection, you can lodge a request with nbn. We’ll then be in touch to organise a date for an nbn technician remove the equipment.

We're providing free upgrades of nbn equipment at selected Fixed Wireless locations to deliver better broadband for homes and businesses across regional and remote Australia. Upgrading your Fixed Wireless equipment now means you could enjoy an improved connection* and better yet eligible premiseswill soon have the option to access our higher speed plans from mid-2024, from participating providers.

If you’ve been notified that you’re eligible for an equipment upgrade, then please call the phone number on the letter or SMS provided to you to schedule your appointment. An nbn technician from one of our approved delivery partners UGL or Hills will then:

  • Remove your old Fixed Wireless equipment
  • Install a new nbn outdoor antenna and nbn connection box
  • Perform checks to ensure your connection is working before they leave
  • Complete the appointment generally within two hours

You can continue to use the gateway (router/modem) provided by your provider.

Higher speed plans

We’ve recently boosted speeds on our most popular plan; Fixed Wireless Plus. Wholesale speeds have been lifted from up to 75/10Mbps now up to 100/20Mbps.

In Mid-2024 we’ll also be introducing two new high-speed plans.

nbn Fixed Wireless Home Fast will offer wholesale download speeds between 200-250 and upload speeds between 8-20 MbpsΔ* We anticipate by the end of 2024 this plan will be available to up to 90% of the upgraded nbn Fixed Wireless Coverage Area.*

nbn Fixed Wireless Superfast will offer wholesale download speeds of 400Mbps and upload speeds between 10-40 MbpsΔ*. We anticipate by the end of 2024 this plan will be available to up to 80% of the upgraded nbn Fixed Wireless Coverage Area.

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Important notes


Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn network, depends on the nbn network technology and configuration over which services are delivered to your premises, whether you are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside our control (like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans, signal reception and how your service provider designs its network). Speeds may be impacted by the number of concurrent users on nbn’s Fixed Wireless network, including during busy periods.


Two higher speed plan options are launching from mid-2024 in upgraded areas. Your eligibility will depend on a range of factors, such as your location and if you have upgraded your equipment. Contact your participating provider to find out if you’ll be eligible to upgrade your plan.


These are nbn wholesale speed tiers which nbn provides to retail phone and internet providers.  Attainable wholesale speeds are subject to the rollout of network upgrades and some premises will require nbn to complete upgrades to the equipment at the premises.