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The nbn connection box (also known as a Network Termination Device or NTD) enables phone and internet providers to connect your property to the nbn access network.

Standard pre-installations are free of charge and carried out by a certified nbn communications technician once the ‘lock-up’ phase has been finalised. The pre-installation would need to take place at least 20 days before the estimated home completion date.

Arranging to have an nbn connection box pre-installed leads to a number of benefits, including:

  • A smooth and efficient connection to the nbn access network with shorter activation times
  • Less or no further technical visits after the building handover as installation is performed during the construction phase 
  • Once handover is complete, the service activation can be performed remotely by your residents’ preferred phone or internet service provider
  • No need to retrofit equipment, which can affect the appearance of a completed home.

If installation isn’t performed correctly the first time, specific in-home cabling requirements may need to be considered to avoid additional building or cabling expenses for property owners.

Submit a pre-installation request

You can request pre-installation of nbn connection box for one address or multiple addresses. You can also manage or cancel an existing pre-installation request before the scheduled installation date.

Plan ahead with your builder

Right now is the ideal time to consider how the premises should be wired. Talk to your homeowner about their preferences for voice and data ports (and any other connections).

When you submit a pre-installation request for the nbn connection box, we’ll work with you to organise the pre-installation of equipment to your preferred location (if available) inside and outside your premises. Keep in mind – only registered cablers can perform in-home cabling work.

User guide to nbn supplied equipment

This guide provides building owners and occupiers with important information regarding the nbn equipment.

Download (PDF - 2 MB)

Homeowners and builders guide

This guide assists building owners in planning for the nbn equipment with their builders.

Download (PDF - 1 MB)