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Introducing the Co-Development Program

The Co-Development Program was established to identify alignment between nbn's planned construction and third-party construction projects. The process allows both nbn and the third-parties to actively engage with each other for the purpose of early identification and to leverage viable common build activities to help save on cost and minimise disruption for communities.

If a local government or property developer has plans to construct new infrastructure or the road authorities have planned road works, nbn could investigate whether or not installing nbn conduits and pits at the same time is possible, where feasible. This may achieve shared efficiencies while minimising the impact and cost for the community.

Contact the nbn® Co-Development team to submit your co-development project for consideration

Potential projects for co-development may include:

  • Road works
  • Works around rail corridors
  • Construction of major sites
  • Upgrades on communication assets
  • Utility works
  • Footpath works
  • Cycleway construction

Typical co-development construction process

Step 1

Third-party to commence excavation

Step 2

Installation of nbn® pit and pipe

Step 3

Third-party to complete backfill

How it works

Projects will be assessed against criteria set by nbn to determine whether the project aligns with the nbn® broadband access network construction plans. Importantly the project must be within the national rollout area.

Applicants are encouraged to register their interest early by submitting a completed co-development project form. The proposed third-party project will then be assessed at nbn’s soles discretion before proceeding with discussions of a co-development.

Process diagram for the nbn Codevelopment program. For questions, contact

Resources and guidelines

Co-development factsheet

Download (PDF - 1 MB)

Deployment of nbn pit and conduit network

NBN-TE-CTO-194 v12. These standards outline the requirements and technical details that developers must follow to install pit and pipe works.
Download (PDF - 1 MB)