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What to expect in your first few weeks

When you start nbn's Graduate Program, you’ll meet your support network including mentor, champion and rotational leader. Your mentor will support you every step of the way, helping you to become successful in both the program and your career at nbn. They are well-placed to share valuable knowledge with you on organisational culture, structure and processes.

During your first week, you'll join your graduate cohort for an orientation specifically designed to provide you with essential skills to help support your career. You‘ll even get to meet our previous graduates – giving you the perfect opportunity to tap into their knowledge as you take your first steps in our Graduate Program.

Here’s a snapshot of what previous candidates had to say about the orientation program:

What hooked me on my first few days was the realisation that I would be part of one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Australia.


2020 Science (Information Technology) graduate

Our orientation was really welcoming. It was great to hear about all the different business units and see how passionate everyone is about working here.


2019 Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronic graduate

During orientation I felt immediately connected to a meaningful purpose and to a group of people who were genuinely supporting me and my career.


2019 Commerce graduate

Graduate testimonials

2020 Graduate
Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security)

Transitioning from university to a professional career can be daunting – leaving the comfort zone that your classmates and coursework bring for a work environment that is new and intimidating. Being in this pivotal moment as a fresh graduate, I was looking for a company that understood the subtle difficulties that come with this change. 

Being just past four months in, I can confidently say that the nbn Graduate Program is thoughtfully constructed, focusing on developing the soft skills required to succeed in a business environment, whilst giving you freedom to explore your own interests and strengths through well-coordinated rotations within a variety of departments. As an Engineering graduate, I have (so far) been exposed to an incredible amount of learning that university could not have possibly prepared me for. 

Being part of substantial projects that are delivering real value, I have been consistently encouraged by experienced developers and engineers to think outside of the box, to be inquisitive and to adopt a problem-solving mindset. Things can always be done better and as a Graduate at nbn, I feel as though my ideas are truly valued and sought-after by the wider business.

2020 Graduate
Bachelor of Computer Science

On my journey to the office on my first day at nbn, I couldn’t tell you how much I wanted to burst out of the train carriage from my nerves and excitement. Though, as I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by my Systems Engineering Manager and introduced to my team from the Data Interchange Chapter. I was so impressed with their level of commitment to connecting Australian homes and businesses, and the focus on improving customer experience. 

A great part of my rotation is that it has allowed me to be incorporated in the business and technical side of Technology Delivery. This has involved creating Monthly Release Scope Kick-off pages; outlining the specific platforms with the corresponding API services through to conducting Risk and Security Identification Assessments. More recently, I’ve gained an understanding of how our deliverables are tested through manual and automated script testing, which is something I had never experienced at uni.  

As a graduate, working from home during COVID-19 has not been an issue. There is constant support and communication; you never feel like you’re working alone. nbn also provides opportunities for your self-development by organising many training and certification courses, as well as ensuring that your wellbeing is looked after. Volunteering in the Mindful nbn Group has been one of the best highlights of my Graduate experience as I’ve been able to contribute in positively impacting other employees especially when I had the opportunity to lead Yoga and Meditation events for 'Mindful May'.  

Overall from the last few months, I am truly thankful to be part of a wonderful and supportive organisation. I look forward to my next rotation and the many learning opportunities to come. 

* The views expressed are the genuine views of graduates undertaking the nbn Graduate Program.