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Direct with nbn

Onboarding journey

There are three main phases in the onboarding process:

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Commercial onboarding Technical onboarding Operational onboarding
  • Validated onboarding questionnaire and forecast
  • Credit assessment
  • WBA execution
  • Solution definition
  • Product testing and integration
  • Product training
  • Operational accreditation

The next sections are designed to help you understand the process and build your business case to onboard directly with nbn.

If you're looking to gain accreditation, sign the WBA and onboard with nbn, please consider:

  • This process can take upwards of 6 months
  • May require a significant amount of time, money, and human resources to onboard successfully


Your business plan

We'll highlight some areas for you to consider throughout this next section.

While we hope this guide is a good start, please conduct your own independent research on what you'll need to be a successful Retail Service Provider in the market and get a good idea of upfront costs before you onboard directly with nbn. An accountant may be helpful to make sure you thought through all the expenses related to direct onboarding.

Explore other selling options

Reminder you can also sell nbn services via an nbn white-label provider or an nbn wholesale provider.