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Application process

What’s required when applying for the nbn® Technology Choice Program

The end to end process for the nbn Technology Choice Program may take approximately six months or more, depending on the complexity of the construction required to connect your premises to the new nbn technology infrastructure and availability of construction teams.

Our handy nbn Technology Choice Application Tracker will help you to view your application status at anytime, including the estimated connection date for when you can connect to the new nbn technology.

Summary of the process:

Online quote and application

For a single address
Prior to proceeding with an Individual Premises Switch application, you can first request an online quote and check the build costs to upgrade to nbn Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) at some single premises.

Due to intricacies involved in generating and processing quotes for complex premises, we are currently only accepting applications for some single premises on the website.

Contract and payment

Once we have received and reviewed your application, we’ll send you a contract with the terms and conditions of your application and an invoice for the build cost. The invoice will reflect the quote you’ve accepted at the time of application.

Construction and connection

When the contract and payment has been confirmed, our nbn approved Delivery Partners will start the construction work. The new connections are built and tested to meet our high standards before your premises will be 'ready to connect' on the new nbn FTTP connection. You can then contact a phone and internet provider to place an order for services over the nbn network.

Please note that the construction and testing process can take approximately six months - it may take longer depending on the complexity and availability of construction teams.

Do you have an application in progress?

You can log in to the nbn Technology Choice Application Tracker to view the status of your application at any time.