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Empowering First Nations through Innovate with nbn Grant

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The Cultural Intelligence Project (TCIP) wins Innovate with nbn Grant, securing $15,000 to expand their Make It Happen HQ and empower First Nations entrepreneurs.

Located on Yawuru Country, Rubibi (Broome) is the nurturing ground for The Cultural Intelligence Project (TCIP) a First Nations business behind Make It Happen HQ Innovation Hub and Think Tank. This is a female driven innovation hub and think tank designed to help First Nations entrepreneurs in the remote Kimberly region.

At its core, TCIP are dedicated to opening doors, facilitating learning, and providing unwavering support to propel the dreams of First Nations entrepreneurs toward reality.

Having won the Innovate with nbn Grants Program's Indigenous Business category, The Cultural Intelligence Project (TCIP) will use the grant to expand their Make It Happen HQ Innovation Hub and Think Tank.

Their expansion plan involves transitioning from a hybrid platform model to establishing a physical co-working space in Rubibi (Broome on Yawuru Country). This space is designed to enhance support and amplify educational opportunities, ultimately boosting the productivity of First Nations entrepreneurs and businesses within the region.

This Innovation hub not only offers business support but also fosters access to meticulously crafted programs and partnerships with well-known entities such as K + L Gates, Deloitte, Shop You, Investible, and Atlanta Premier.

What sets this business apart is its commitment to enabling First Nations people to define entrepreneurship on their own terms.

This collaboration ensures they are guided by experts who share aligned values.

Cara (left) and Adele Peek, Co-Founders at The Cultural Intelligence Project

Bridging connections, expanding horizons

In the realm of innovation, connectivity serves as a bridge between dreams and reality.

Connecting to the nbn® network has been a game-changer, empowering TCIP to harness their full potential. Not only connecting the innovation hub to the rest of Australia but also catapulting its innovations onto the global stage.

 "The nbn network has been the missing link that bridges us to the world. It allows us to spotlight our innovations beyond geographical confines, to share our story of growth, resilience, and determination," says Adele Peek, Founder at The Cultural Intelligence Project.

nbn has increased our ability to maintain a connection with clients and reach future audiences to ensure our business is sustainable.”

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