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nbn Sky Muster trial offers unmetered data, more speed

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nbn is trialling a new Sky Muster® Plus plan aimed at delivering faster speeds and even more data to satellite customers.

At nbn, we know thousands of people living in regional and remote areas of the nation rely on our Sky Muster satellite service to meet their daily broadband internet needs.

In an increasingly digital world in which data usage across our network has tripled, we also know those needs are constantly evolving.

Our satellite customers are demanding faster speeds and more data so they can fully participate in the benefits access to fast and secure broadband can deliver – from working from home and video streaming to online education and remote healthcare.

That’s why as part of our commitment to Australians who call the bush home, we are continuously improving and upgrading the nbn® network – so more people can enjoy even better broadband.

New Sky Muster Plus trial

In line with this commitment, I am excited to announce nbn is trialling a new Sky Muster Plus plan aimed at delivering 100 per cent unmetered data usage and faster burst speeds of up to 100Mbps. The trial will include fair use restrictions and the features of any final product may change.*

As nbn upgrades the Fixed Wireless network, it enables us to offer customers on the satellite network the ability to migrate to the Fixed Wireless network. This frees up capacity for satellite customers – allowing for the trial.

Kicking off in March, the trial is planned to include up to 10,000 Sky Muster Plus customers and is expected to run until May 2023.

No one knows the unique needs, expectations and everyday online experience of regional and remote broadband users better than those very customers themselves.

That’s why the feedback gathered from participants in this trial, which will also include internet retailers, will prove extremely valuable ahead of the anticipated launch of the new plan later this year.

Any plan launched will go through the usual product development process, including industry consultation.

Delivering more value for Sky Muster customers

The nbn Sky Muster satellite service is a vital part of the nbn network and connects some of the remote parts of our country. This is the latest step in the evolution of the nbn satellite network, as we continue to push the boundaries of the nbn Sky Muster satellite network to meet the growing needs of regional and remote users.

In July last year, we delivered more data for users of our nbn Sky Muster Plus service making Virtual Private Networks and video streaming data unmetered for 16 hours each day.*

This aligned with other increasingly common internet activities, including video calling, online shopping and banking, in not counting towards a user’s monthly data allowance for the full 24 hours.

Customers that order Sky Muster services have their equipment professionally installed, and we don’t charge internet service providers for a standard installation or the standard satellite equipment.**

This is the latest step in the evolution of the nbn satellite network, as we continue to push the boundaries of the nbn Sky Muster satellite network to meet the growing needs of regional and remote users.

nbn also delivers customer support through on-ground Australian technical support teams.

nbn is delivering nbn network upgrades across Australia, including regional Australia. The Sky Muster Plus trial is the latest announcement.

Earlier this month, we announced an additional one million households and businesses will get the opportunity to choose faster and more reliable broadband as the rollout of full fibre to the premises continues across the country, with up to 58 per cent of these located in regional areas.

These network upgrades underline nbn’s determination to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, new technology and product development as we continue to lift the digital capability of Australia.


* The Fair Use Policy will continue to apply and nbn may, at its discretion, shape certain types of traffic (in particular gaming/software updates and cloud uploads in the evening) to slow speeds, if required, to protect the network. For details on fair use conditions, contact your internet service provider.

** nbn will assess whether an installation is standard, because practical and optimal installations differ at different locations. End customers should contact their preferred internet service provider to ask about the retail prices they charge.


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